Why are we doing this?

Welcome to Grassrootz!

We want to make it easy for individuals to raise money for causes they care about, and help not-for-profits to raise more funds and reduce their cost of fundraising.

A couple of years ago, my youngest son, Harrison, had to have a major operation on his leg.  After the operation he needed to spend a week in hospital and was in a lot of pain.  It was a difficult and stressful time for our family.  An important part of Harrison's recovery was to get up and move around -- which he didn't want to do up because it hurt.  There was a Starlight Express Room at the hospital, and the promise of face painting, video games and fun with Captain Starlight was enough incentive for Harrison to get out of bed and start his recovery.

I'm delighted (and relieved) to say that Harrison has recovered and is healthy and active.  But the experience of the Starlight room left a lasting impression on me.  My wife and I saw lots of kids there and families there, many of whom are constantly in and out of hospital. No matter what their situation, all the kids in the Starlight room were laughing, playing, and just being kids.  I realised then what a massive difference Starlight makes to sick kids lives, and I resolved to raise money for Starlight when I could.

So I signed up for the Tour de Kids, a challenging multi-day bike ride that benefits Starlight.  The ride itself was fantastic -- a great group of people and a real sense of accomplishment doing something physically challenging to raise money for an awesome cause.

What wasn't so great was the software we had to use to fundraise.  It was hard to use, didn't work well on a mobile device, and the transaction fees were outrageously high.  Charities -- who depend on donations for their existence -- were being overcharged and under serviced.  I thought that if this was a consistent experience (it was) then something needed to be done.  So I've formed a company with some really talented people to help make a difference.

Not-for-profits do incredibly important work in our society; often filling a gap to help when no-one else will.  My own experience was with Starlight.  But there are so many awesome causes and thousands of not-for-profits doing great work -- trying to make the world a little bit better, everyday.

We want to help not-for-profits to fundraise and we want to help make it easy and fun for people to raise money for a cause they care about.

We measure success by the number of people's lives that have been positively impacted because of the work we do.

Let's make a difference, together.