The Necessity of Mobile-Friendliness

While it wasn’t long ago that making your not-for-profit “mobile friendly” or “mobile accessible” was seen as a means of giving your organisation an impressive edge, it has swiftly become a necessity. 

But why? If you think your website looks great and is functional, why do you need to specifically make it mobile-friendly? Can’t people just visit it on their mobile devices? It’s no longer that straightforward.

To avoid missing out on valuable traffic, particularly potential donors, you need to be mobile-friendly.

Online experience is becoming increasingly mobile; recent studies indicate that 65% of digital media activity is conducted on mobile technology, and one in five Millennials have ditched the desktop entirely. The same number of Millennials, and nearly one in four 35-49 year olds, visit websites from four different mobile devices each week . More than half of the visitors to an NFP website will be accessing your site using mobile. That’s a lot of lost traffic if your website is not appealing or functional for mobile users.

Importantly, Google’s search results now include mobile-friendliness as a key factor in their ranking algorithm, dropping you further down the list the less mobile-friendly your website is. Consider optimising for a mobile a quick win for that much sought-after Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

And what about those donors? Online donation rates are increasing faster than offline donation rates, and donation pages that are mobile responsive result in 34% more donations. Mobile-friendliness will allow you to keep up with these trends, and prevent your income dropping as an increasing proportion of donors move across to mobile donations.

So how do you become more functional on mobile platforms?

Designing a mobile site or app, or making sure your website is responsive, is a great start. This doesn’t just mean a layout that happily converts to a portrait orientation; you might find that certain fonts, link locations or formats, the placement of key elements on the page, comparative size between elements, and even the amount of information, doesn’t work as well on mobile as it does on your desktop.

Similarly, check out how your communications look on mobile. Are they translating well? Are they as clear and compelling when not read on a desktop screen?

And the donations?

In a desktop experience, filling in your personal, address, and payment information in order to make a donation can be a tedious task; on a mobile the frustration can be exponentially worse due to the size of the technology, and the circumstances in which it’s used. Users of smartphones and tablets are more likely to do things “on the go”. Grassrootz has been designed to solve these problems, making online donation on a mobile platform as straightforward as it should be. Grassrootz provides both the fundraiser and the donor an easy mobile donation experience that fits seamlessly with your own brand.

Maximising the mobile potential of your NFP by making your website and communications mobile-friendly, and integrating clever solutions like Grassrootz into your organisation will help you not only avoid the complications that arise with the increase in mobile technology, but will allow you to optimise this change to your benefit. 

Is your organisation easy to donate to using mobile?

Check out to learn more about using Grassrootz to make mobile donation easy for your supporters. 

Jen Ava
Social Media Consultant