Welcome to our clean slate

There are several online fundraising solutions in the market, most of which have their users tearing their hair out at times. Before we wrote a line of code, we spent the greater part of a year talking to Fundraising Managers, Charity Finance Managers, Marketing Managers, CRM managers and Charity CEOs about the pain points they were experiencing with the current online fundraising platforms.

What was the feedback we heard in every single one of those meetings?

We heard that the fees were too high, the user experience was old and confusing, that it was difficult to set up and manage a campaign, that the current solutions provided a bad experience on mobile, and that charities could not control their brand throughout the supporter and donor journey.

Sound familiar?

As it turns out, providing a clean and easy admin portal prompts a huge sigh of relief. Being able to manage supporter emails and reset passwords without having to contact the software provider will get you a big cheer. Making the platform great on mobile, allowing for brand control and lowering the cost of fundraising results in very happy customers.

We heard the need for CRM and email marketing journey integration and faster funds transfers - we have good news on all that too.

Co-Founder Angela Dunn

Co-Founder Angela Dunn

Being from a Community Fundraising background, I understand the pressure to juggle many tasks, reach budget, lower your cost of fundraising, and make sure all your stakeholders are happy and engaged. You just need a clean and easy solution that puts your organisation’s brand front and centre.

Before our launch in June 2016, Fundraising Managers and Finance Managers from the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Variety the Children’s Charity and several others organisations spent time testing Grassrootz from a workflow and design perspective. We made changes according to their feedback and launched only after they gave Grassrootz the thumbs up.

We have a flexible product roadmap and our partnership approach encourages an open dialogue with our NFP partners, so we can provide the solution not-for-profit organisations need and love!

We’ll continue to pressure test requests so we don’t overcrowd with functionality, and we’ll always encourage the “You know what I’d love…” conversations. Sometimes our top-of-their-field, community-minded developers can make simple changes to make your life easier, and sometimes those blue sky ideas can turn into a major focus on our product roadmap.

All NFPs, large and small, are welcome into our clean slate.

Have you joined Grassrootz yet? Together we’ll continue to ensure Grassrootz is the simplest and most delightful online fundraising solution for you, your donors and the sector.

Co-Founder and General Manager