46% growth! Grassrootz powers Blackmores Sydney Running Festival to a huge increase in fundraising

Congratulations to all the charities that participated in the 2017 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.  Fundraising was up significantly over last year, with many charities doubling what they raised in 2016!  Here's our summary and media release below:

Pont3, the organisers of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, have announced that the 2017 Running Festival had grown fundraising by a massive 46% over 2016.

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is Australia’s largest and most spectacular running festival. More than 33,000 people took part in this year’s Running Festival, which includes a marathon, half marathon, 10km and family fun run on a spectacular course that enables participants to run over the Harbour Bridge and finish at the Opera House.

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is also committed to becoming a premier fundraising event.  “We intend for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival to be not only the best running event, but also the leading fundraising event, raising more money than ever for Australian charities”, said Pont3 CEO, Wayne Larden.

As part of that commitment, Pont3 selected Australian start-up Grassrootz as the Festival’s exclusive fundraising platform after a rigorous evaluation process.

“Grassrootz provides a market-leading fundraising solution, including easy-to-use software for charities and a delightful, mobile-friendly experience for fundraisers and donors,” said Janine Pollard, Project Manager at Pont3. “We recognised that our event participants want to be able to set up their fundraising page quickly and easily on a mobile device, and that donors want to be able to make a donation effortlessly from their phone.  It’s what today's fundraisers and donors expect, and Grassrootz provided the necessary mobile-first innovation to help us offer a delightful fundraising experience for the event” said Pollard.

The fundraising experience provided by Grassrootz helped The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival raise over $1.67M in 2017, with online fundraising for the event growing by a massive 46% from 2016.

“The outstanding result demonstrates the event’s commitment to raising more money for charity, and is a testament to the fundraising solution provided by Grassrootz and the excellent collaboration between Pont3, Grassrootz, and more than 100 charities who participated”, said Wayne Larden, CEO at Pont3.

“The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is a truly world-class event”, said Ben Graetz, CEO of Grassrootz.  “We’re delighted that Grassrootz helped charities to harness the power of mobile fundraising. Sixty percent of the online donations for the event were made from a mobile device, so mobile fundraising was a significant contributor to the overall growth”, said Graetz.

Throughout the lead up to the event, Grassrootz and Pont3 shared fundraising best practice with charities to help them achieve more. “One of the founding principles of Grassrootz is that we help charities raise more funds, which in turn helps support the great work that charities do”, said Graetz.

Leading charities are delighted with the event and the fundraising results.

"Cure Brain Cancer Foundation more than doubled the amount of funds raised through the event compared to last year, which was a result of our collaboration with Grassrootz and Pont3”, said Julie-Anne Macintyre, Sports Fundraising Manager at Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.  “The number of active fundraisers increased from 26% in 2016 to 81% in 2017, and our average amount raised per fundraiser increased substantially to $1,188. Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is incredibly happy with these results"