Email at night, mobile's right

The Bernie Sanders 2016 digital fundraising campaign targeted “everyday people”, and is now regarded as one of the great online fundraising case studies.

In the lead up to the Democratic Party nomination in 2016, "Feel the Bern" was on everyone's radar.

Michael Whitney, Digital Fundraising Manager at Bernie 2016, spoke via Skype at the 2017 FIA Conference last week. The room was full. 

With just 12 staff in the Digital Fundraising Team, Bernie 2016 raised US$104 million via email.

The Bernie 2016 message is clear: "Email at night, mobile’s right."

More than 42% of Bernie's donations came from mobile; further proof that being built for mobile is essential for all fundraising campaigns and is fast becoming the new standard.

Michael Whitney advocates the same mobile-first design approach that Grassrootz debuted back in June 2016 - the top of the screen, on mobile, containing:

  • Who you are
  • Call to action
  • Thermometer
  • Donate Button

Launching your mobile-first digital campaign, according to the Bernie 2016 principles, takes minutes using Grassrootz. No lengthy package discussions, no confusing functionality.

Sound too good to be true? Well, here is an example from last week.

"EB Foundation sent Grassrootz a web submission. We had a quick discussion regarding their requirements, we showed the EB Foundation how Grassrootz compares on mobile, and provided a table showing Grassrootz has the lowest fees (largely due to the latest technology).

EB Foundation got back in touch with us 2 days later with an urgent need to create a 3rd party fundraiser's page (their fundraiser is trekking to the North Pole in support of the EB Foundation).

It was 4.30pm. Within 30 minutes the EB Foundation had a new Grassrootz account, they had been trained, and their North Pole campaign page was live.

At 5.30pm I left the office in York Street, Sydney, and by the time I reached Circular Quay, their 3rd Party Fundraiser had raised $14,000."

The take home from the Bernie 2016 digital fundraising campaign: 

  • Word your communications so your supporters feel ownership of the mission
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of your supporters, but think of their inbox
  • “Email at night, mobile's right”

Mobile is right, and Grassrootz is the easy-to-use, mobile-first solution to propel your campaign towards the heights of the Bernie 2016 digital fundraising campaign.

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