What the best Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Fundraisers share in common

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Having doubled fundraising in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival over the last two years we have compiled insights on what the best fundraisers share in common.

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Stats at a Glance:

  • 38,000 Participants

  • 12% Increase in registrations Year on Year

  • Average raised per page $844

  • 76% Active fundraisers


Top performing solo fundraisers

The top fundraisers tend to have a strong personal connection to the cause they are fundraising for, making them passionate campaign communicators. For many, this iconic challenge event is a way to honour love ones, heal and to help those doing it tough in our community. When planning your supporter acquisition, think about how you can reach these type of fundraisers through social, email, and direct.

Here’s a few of the event’s top solo fundraisers:


I am running with my brother and my 10-yr-old nephew, Atticus, to raise money for brain cancer research in memory of my niece, Amity Rogers. Amity was 6 years old when she died in January this year.

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We are running with family and friends in memory of our beautiful baby Liam who passed away from a rare kidney disease last year … The disease Liam suffered from is called polycystic kidney disease and it currently has no cure. We hadn't heard of it until Liam was diagnosed. Kidney Health Australia is raising awareness, studying genetic causes and researching treatment options for kidney disease.

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As you all know my beautiful fiancé Camilla was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months ago. The journey has been a steep uphill battle for her. And I am so proud of the warrior that she is. The research that has gone into breast cancer over the years has made it possible that Millsy's type of cancer can be cured. I would love to raise even just a small sum of money to help the journey that could possibly one day cure all breast cancers.

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Top performing fundraising teams

Top Fundraising Teams tend be schools, corporates, family & friends, and best mates with a motivating team leader. Blackmores Sydney Running Festival has a “run for everyone” and team members can participate in different race categories and all meet up in the recovery village at the end to celebrate.

Reach out to organisations you have existing connections with, and suggest to your motivated solo fundraisers that they start their own fundraising team and invite others in to join. This will exponentially grow their total funds raised.

Here’s a few of the event’s top fundraising teams:


As a year group, we want to collectively raise awareness for mental health by participating in the 10km bridge Run on the 16th of September. Losing a peer is something we never thought would happen to us. It brought to the light the strength that this illness can have over an individual and that mental health doesn't discriminate.

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Macquarie Bank is raising much needed funds for SeeBeyondBorders by participating in Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2018. The work of SeeBeyondBorders is really important and we want to do what we can to support them.

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Our beautiful son Beau was stillborn on ANZAC Day 2017. Stillbirth is an extremely traumatic experience that causes a lifetime of yearning for the baby you had, but never had, and yet will have forever. The rate of stillbirth death has not reduced in 20 years. Stillbirth death is the highest rate of child mortality in Australia with 6 babies being stillborn every day … We want to support the Stillbirth Foundation of Australia by spreading awareness and raising funds for further research to help prevent stillbirth deaths.

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Other tips for Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2019

Run 4 Free Incentive
Getting the full entry price back in your bank account continues to be a big draw card across the event. The average amount raised by those who claimed their Run 4 Free rebate in 2018 was $1,128.60, which was 30% higher than the average raised per page across the event. Use the signature Run 4 Free incentive to motivate your supporters to fundraise more than $500 per individual page. It’s only 7 or 8 donations on average, so it’s well within reach for most participants.

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Get started early
It pays to acquire your supporters, and get them fundraising early. The more you fundraise, the higher up the public registration you will be featured, within your category. Charities higher up the list tend to be selected by more participants and raise more.

Grassrootz hosts a series of webinars to get the most out of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. It is a collaborative venture between Grassrootz, Pont3 (the event organisers) and the Official Charities. We all share, learn and help each other to achieve our individual goals.

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