Grassrootz Company Information


Our Vision

Our vision is to help make the world a better place by making it possible for anyone,
anywhere, to raise funds for a cause they care about.


Grassrootz values the world in which we live and work. As a leading edge company,
Grassrootz aims to minimise the impact we, and others, have on the environment. We
operate a paperless office and by providing state of the art software to our clients, help them
to minimise their use of paper in fundraising campaigns.

By connecting individuals and organisations with charities and causes both in Australia and
internationally, we are working with you to make our world a more just and sustainable one.

Transparency and simplicity

Our pricing is simple and transparent with the aim of providing the maximum amount of
funds to the not-for-profit.

We automatically transfer funds to our not-for-profit customers within 48 hours of a donation,
so the money can be immediately put to program delivery.

And our products are elegant and delightfully easy to use, meaning that fundraising staff can
spend less time on administration and more time on connecting with donors.

Giving back

Grassrootz is proudly Australian.

Grassrootz donates up to 5% of our company profits each year to not-for-profits chosen by
our employees.

And our employees have an additional week of paid annual leave each year to take
time out to volunteer for a cause that is important to them. 


Ben Graetz, CEO