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Built for mobile

More than half the traffic on the Internet is now on mobile devices, so it is essential that your fundraising platform is optimised for mobile. Grassrootz is designed and built for mobile, so your donors get a great experience on a smartphone or tablet device - helping you maximise fundraising in the modern world.


Low fees for your donors

Many fundraising platforms charge you or your donors a commission fee of 5% (or more) plus credit card fees, and many have hidden fees on top of that. These high fees are frustrating for donors and can be a barrier to fundraising.

In contrast, Grassrootz has low, transparent pricing. We charge a credit card fee plus a small fee to use the Grassrootz platform.  Our total fees are never more than 2% plus $1 per transaction (or plus 50 cents if the donation is $30 or less). That’s a significant saving for you and your donors!

And we make it possible for your donors to cover the transaction fees - so 100% of every dollar raised goes to your cause.


Promote your brand

Grassrootz is here to help you raise more funds for your cause, not promote our brand to your supporters and donors. With Grassrootz, you can promote your brand throughout the entire donor experience.


Fast access to your funds

Transferring donor funds to your account is simple, and we can do it within 48 hours - no need to wait weeks for your funds! You can also set a recurring payment schedule to receive funds on a specific day and time each week.

Your own website

We can build a leading-edge website for your organisation or fundraising campaign, and do so quickly and cost effectively. We use the latest technology, so your site will look clean and elegant on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Safe and secure

Grassrootz has industry leading security and compliance, including full Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and SSL security. We make sure your donors contributions are safe and secure.

Great support

We're here if you need us. You can call, email or chat online - we're here to help. We want you to love your experience with Grassrootz and great support is a part of that.

Hear from some of our customers

Hear CEO Louise Baxter talk about how the Starlight brand is promoted throughout the donor experience

Hear CEO Floyd Larson talk about the importance of mobile fundraising to Cure Cancer Australia

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