Email at night, mobile's right

The Bernie Sanders 2016 digital fundraising campaign targeted “everyday people”, and is now regarded as one of the great online fundraising case studies. In the lead up to the Democratic Party nomination in 2016, "Feel the Bern" was on everyone's radar. With just 12 staff in the Digital Fundraising Team, Bernie 2016 raised US$104 million via email. The Bernie 2016 message was clear: "Email at night, mobile’s right."

Welcome to our clean slate

There are several online fundraising solutions in the market, most of which have their users tearing their hair out at times. Before we wrote a line of code, we spent the greater part of a year talking to Fundraising Managers, Charity Finance Managers, Marketing Managers, CRM managers and Charity CEOs about the pain points they were experiencing with the current online fundraising platforms.

The Necessity of Mobile-Friendliness

While it wasn’t long ago that making your not-for-profit “mobile friendly” or “mobile accessible” was seen as a means of giving your organisation an impressive edge, it has swiftly become a necessity. But why? If you think your website looks great and is functional, why do you need to specifically make it mobile-friendly? Can’t people just visit it on their mobile devices? It’s no longer that straightforward.

Why are we doing this?

A couple of years ago, my youngest son, Harrison, had to have a major operation on his leg.  After the operation he needed to spend a week in hospital and was in a lot of pain.  It was a difficult and stressful time for our family.  An important part of Harrison's recovery was to get up and move around -- which he didn't want to do up because it hurt.  There was a Starlight Express Room at the hospital, and the promise of face painting, video games and fun with Captain Starlight was enough incentive for Harrison to get out of bed and start his recovery.