Customising your campaign or appeal page

Learn how to easily customise and transform your Grassrootz fundraising campaign or appeal page with these simple guidelines.

1. Your organisation logo
64px wide x 64px high (JPEG or PNG file format)

This is your organisation logo. It appears as a thumbnail in the top left corner of your campaign page so fundraisers recognise your organisation. You can update this logo within your organisation settings.  

2. Background hero image
1500px wide x 350px high (JPEG or PNG file format)

The campaign page banner will disappear from view when your page visitor scrolls down the page. When designing your banner, ensure that any important information does not get hidden by the campaign page photo. We recommend keeping any logo, dates or other banner information positioned on the right hand side.  

3. Your campaign logo
At least 300px wide by 300px high, Ideally 600px wide by 600px high. (JPEG or PNG file format)

The campaign page photo should be your campaign or event logo. If you have fundraisers, this will be their default profile photo on their own fundraising page.  

4. Story photo (Optional)
At least 600px wide any height, Ideally 120px wide, any height (JPEG or PNG file format)

You can add additional photos, video, text, PDF’s and even maps to this section to provide more information to your supporters about your campaign.

5. Primary colour
This should be the primary colour of your organisation or your campaign’s branding. The primary colour will be applied to the most important elements of your campaign pages such as the “Give now” button. 

6. Secondary colour
This should be a secondary colour of your organisation or your campaign’s branding. The secondary colour will be applied to the secondary / less important elements on your campaign pages. Always ensure your secondary colour, compliments your primary brand colour. Try publishing your campaign to see how it looks, you can update your colours any time. 

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