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Grassrootz is the ideal partner for your event. Not only do we bring the best technology solutions for registrations and fundraising, we also help you to exceed your overall goals for the event.

Increase registrations and fundraising for your event

Grassrootz works events with hundreds of charities and we partner with charities and your event to promote the event and grow registrations.

Give your participants the best experience

Grassrootz provides a delightful, modern experience for your event participants. And Grassrootz has deep integrations with popular registration platforms, including ACTIVE, Register Now and Tik Tok, making it easy and seamless for participants to set up a fundraising page and start raising money.

Marketing automation and support

Grassrootz provides customised email journeys tailored for your event. And we handle all fundraising support enquiries, so you get the benefits of a professional fundraising program without the overhead.

Do more good though your event

Mass participation events are a great way for charities to raise money. More money raised means more programs delivered, which means more good in our society.

Make your community event a success

Need to run a community event and fundraiser? Grassrootz has the tools you need to make your event a success.

Sell tickets

Grassrootz' powerful ticketing solution makes it easy to sell tickets for your event. You can have multiple ticket types and prices, easy receipting, and more.

Integrate fundraising

Want your attendees to make an optional donation? No problem, Grassrootz makes that easy with a couple of clicks. You can even take fundraising to the next level and encourage people to set up teams with optional peer to peer fundraising.

Your brand throughout

Why promote TryBooking or Eventbrite’s brand at your event? With Grassrootz, your brand, logo and colours are prominently displayed throughout the ticket purchase and donation process - right through to a branded receipt.

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