Salesforce Integration with R U OK?

We know that clean, well organised, fundraiser and donor data is incredibly important for our charity partners. Ensuring that you can import everything you need from Grassrootz into your CRM is a big priority for our team.

That’s why we developed our automated, real-time Salesforce integration. Charities who take advantage of this integration do not have to spend time manually downloading reports, formatting the data and then uploading them into their CRM. Campaigns, fundraising pages, donations and donors are all automatically sent to their Salesforce instance as they are created in Grassrootz.

Read on below to find out how we worked with one of our amazing charity partners, RUOK, to implement an integration that worked seamlessly with their current Salesforce set up and gave their staff back time to work on what is truly important – fundraising!

Q: What challenges led you to investigate a Salesforce integration with Grassrootz?
A: Time is always a commodity in short supply these days, so anything that can be automated is of great benefit. It also aligns with our aim to view all interactions with our stakeholders and supporters in one platform (Salesforce).

Q: How did you find out about the Grassrootz Salesforce integration?
A: We read about the Salesforce integration opportunity in one of Grassrootz’ quarterly wrap up EDM’s.

Q: What about it initially appealed to you?
A: Knowing it would save us time and provide us with the opportunity for improved engagement with our fundraising supporters was extremely appealing.

Q: What was your experience with the Grassrootz team during the integration process?
A: The Grassrootz team took the time to consult with us and identify what we needed and then incorporated those needs when implementing the integration. It was done with very little effort on our end and the Grassrootz team liaised well with our CRM support team, to ensure the integration was robustly tested in sandbox before it went live.

Q: How important was the custom deduplication rule that we implemented as part of the integration? Was our flexibility in doing a custom piece of work helpful to your team?
A: It is really important for us to limit data corruption and duplication. The main reason for using Salesforce was to have reliable data in one place, so the custom de-dupe was a critical component for us.

Q: How has the integration helped your team?
A: We are still completing our digital transformation project so have not used the data to the extent we intend to as yet. However, it has already been helpful for us to be able to identify fundraisers, sort them by event and communicate with them on a more granular level based on their engagement with us. This is not something we could do so seamlessly before.

Q: So going back to your original challenge, has the integration reduced your team’s workload?
A: 100% yes!

Q: Do you have any metrics you could share with us of how the integration has been used so far?
A: 748 records as of the start of November. This has saved us many hours of work as we were previously downloading the data, cleaning the data and resolving de-duplication queries to then manually import into Salesforce.

Q: What has been the best part of your experience with our integration?
A: The whole process was simple and streamlined. After the initial briefing the rest of the process was managed by the Grassrootz team with minimal input from us apart from testing.

Q: We love to innovate, so is there anything that you hope to do with the integration in the future that you can’t currently do?
A: Communicate to Grassrootz fundraisers in a more meaningful and coordinated way to recognise their importance and contribution to the R U OK? mission.

Q: Would you recommend the Grassrootz / Salesforce integration to others?
A: Yes! It’s been such a great efficiency gain for our team and now we can focus on more important tasks like building meaningful relationships with our fundraisers and donors.

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